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Where is your awareness?

Just days after the new moon in Virgo on 18 September 2020, I was driving along the motorway when I spotted a flock of beautiful flamingos. This reminded me of the importance of awareness.

I didn’t go anywhere special to see these birds. They were in the most unassuming place — in a small body of water between the onramp and the motorway to the East of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Despite the traffic and the motorway, the birds were wading in the water as though the motorway and cars weren’t even there.

Virgo is a sign of details. Spotting the flamingos reminded me of the value of what we observe and what we give attention to.

Are we noticing the negative or the positive? Are we seeing the beauty and miracles in our everyday lives and the ‘small’ experiences or are we missing the wonder of life altogether? Are we even aware of how we see the world or think about our experiences?

Often the beauty of life is in the most unexpected places, situations, experiences and people who cross our paths.

To make the most of the Virgo new moon, focus on the details — routines; schedules; lists; small gestures, words and behaviours; and the building blocks of your day, your life and your health. This could include focusing on what you eat, what you drink, what you think and even how you breath. Many people may be drawn to reviewing their lives and routines with a particular focus on the details. They may have recently felt inspired to start an exercise regime, yoga or a new diet or nutritional programme.

Introduce and experience beauty in the mundane.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead xx


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