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Answers by Email Within 24 hours 


If you live far away or simply need answers to a few specific questions at a cost-effective price, psychic answers to your questions may be the right option for you. I use clairvoyance and mediumship to provide these answers to you.

Psychic Email Readings 

Get quick answers to your question. I offer an email service that answers one question for R385 or three-questions for R600. I also do dream interpretations for R385, delivered as a written response in PDF.


Answers to each question are several paragraphs in length and are sent within 24 hours of receipt of both your payment and questions. To place your order, please get in touch with me to arrange your payment via EFT and then please follow these steps:


STEP 1: Please get in touch with me via email / WhatsApp /Facebook to arrange your email reading and send me your questions. To order in ZAR, please pay via EFT. I will send you the EFT details. To order in GBP, please send your payment to me at


STEP 2: Email the following information:

Your full name

A photo of yourself

Your date of birth

Your mobile number and

Your questions.

Please ensure that your questions are as specific as possible. This will help me connect with you and provide you with as much information as possible. 

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