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Seeking a publisher for a novel

I am writing a book about the other side. It's a novel that tells the story of my spiritual path and development through a thought provoking and racy series of real life events. It's a life changing book that will transform how you view human potential and your spiritual path.

If you are a publisher who would like to learn more about the book, please get in tough with me here.


Online Kindle Children's Picture Book

If you want to teach your kids about energy, download Mini Mia and the Magical Colours from the Kindle store. Mini Mia and the Magical Colours is an uplifting bedtime story about a fairy called Mini Mia. Mini Mia is a helpful fairy who visits at night. She glides out a big bright light to bring special gifts to boys and girls. These gifts come in the form of colourful bubbles that have magical healing properties. Download Mini Mia and the Magical Colours so that your world feels more colourful and bright.

Mini Mia and the Magical Colours by Kath
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