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How spirit has guided me on my path 


Since I can remember, spirits and guides have connected with me to deliver key messages and guidance to those around me and to help me on my life’s journey. I was sensitive to the energies of people and places from an early age; I felt that the world was harsh and found it difficult to understand why everyone didn't just love everyone else. I also had premonitions about events, including deaths of relatives, and I felt departed loved ones, particularly before or during difficult experiences. This was normal to me and I thought that everyone else had similar experiences.


I was drawn to the supernatural, psychic readers/books, crystals and tarot cards from a very young age. When I was about 16, I bought a discounted deck of cards in a damaged box in an esoteric shop. This is the same deck that I use today. It helped open the door to my clairvoyance then and it still does today, although I tune into spirit more directly now (without cards) much of the time. I started reading cards for friends and family from my late teens.


Some say that mediumship is triggered or strengthened after a major trauma or illness. This was definitely the case for me. When I was 12, I had a vivid encounter with my departed grandfather, who provided life-saving instructions to me during a traumatic event. The air went cold and a sense of calm came over me when I needed it most. When I was 17, I developed an illness that lasted for several years. From that time, I continued on my spiritual path and experienced more out-of-body experiences, supernatural phenomena and encounters with departed relatives some of whom I could describe to my mum but who I had never met or seen in photos. 


However, I still did not know that I was a medium. I wasn't even aware of the word! After a series of traumatic events, I had a profound experience of life after death that was life changing. When I was 21, my cousin died of a brain tumor, my grandmother died and I was hijacked at gunpoint in Johannesburg within the same 48 hours. My attacker, who was wanted for murder, had planned to shoot me, but he changed his mind after learning that I had been making arrangements for my grandmother's funeral that evening. During the encounter, I was appealling silently to God to help me in my time of need. My attacker, who had a fear of the spirit of the ancestors, backed away from me, gun in hand still pointing toward me. In a strange turn of events, he thanked me for my cooperation and wished me a lovely day! He did not shoot me. Once again, it appeared as though the spirit world had helped save my life.

To recover from the shock of these events, my mother and I booked a holiday in Israel and Jordan. Before the trip, I had multiple premonitions about a thin tall man who I would meet. In my premonitions, he was accompanied by a short stocky man who appeared to be a security guard wearing a uniform. In Jordan, I met this man. He was the tour guide and was accompanied by a short stocky police officer. On meeting him, I felt his grandmother talking to me, pushing me forward to warn him to change his path. I was reluctant to impart this message to the man, but the grandmother was very persistent. She simply wouldn't leave me alone and I started to wonder if I was, in fact, losing my mind in an episode of post-traumatic stress.


I spoke to the tour guide and asked his permission to impart the message to him (to appease the grandmother and to determine if I was really going crazy or if this was for real). The grandmother told me that she had looked after him until he was five-years old but then she had passed away. She was plump with fairly curly hair. She told me that he had two sisters and that he was involved in some illegal activity. She urged him to stop soon, telling him that it was not too late. However, if he continued for much longer, she assured me and him that he would disgrace his family and his life would never be the same again. The man went pale and confirmed that everything I had told him was accurate. We remained in contact for some time after my return home and I hope that he followed her advice. 


I returned home and tried to lead a conventional life. I finished my undergraduate degree, got married, moved to Paris and had a baby. I continued on my spiritual path, doing readings for close friends and family, but in a conventional lifestyle and all the while trying to avoid being judged in a negative way.


Years passed by. I studied a Masters degree and moved to the UK where I worked in the corporate world as a technology writer and editor, but it never completely fulfilled me. I felt that I was meant to help other people and do something more meaningful. I felt guided by spirit to change my life. I released relationships that were no longer good for me and left my safe corporate job to do the work that I started so many years ago and that I was always meant to do.

After almost seven years in France and then 10 years in the UK, I felt guided to return to Johannesburg, South Africa. I moved back to Johannesburg in December 2017. You can read more about me and my return to South Africa in the Get It Joburg East magazine (October 2019 Edition).

The road that has lead me to my life's purpose has not always been smooth, but it has been a path that brings me great joy and inner peace. I hope that our paths will cross and we will meet whether in person, on the phone or over Skype. Please do get in touch

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