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How to Book Your Reading

It is easy to book a reading with me. Just choose what type of reading you want and get in touch with me via WhatsApp text message or via the contact form on my website to request and arrange a time.

You will then receive a message tenatively placing you in my diary at the agreed time and date. To confirm your appointment, please prepay as soon as possible but within 6 hours of receiving the message with the payment or EFT details. For your convenience, you can use the payment button on the options and prices page to do an instant payment via PayFast.  If payment or proof of payment hasn't been received in that time, the appointment slot will be made available for others. Please only request an appointment, if you are sure you want to book and pay for one.

1. Choose your reading 


The categories of options are:

  1. Phone/WhatsApp/Skype call or video call readings: 60 or 90 minute readings over call or video call. I can also do these readings as Q&A readings over WhatsApp text.

  2. Email readings: One or three-question readings. You send me the questions and within 24 hours of receiving the questions and the proof of payment for your reading, I send you a written answer to your questions delivered as a PDF file via WhatsApp or email.


Click here for more information about reading options and prices, or here to read about how I work.


2. Consider your availability and mine


All my readings with the exception of markets/fairs are by appointment only. This enables me to spend time tuning in to your energies in meditation in advance of your session. This means that I deliver a high quality reading that provides you with lots of information.


When booking a reading, it is helpful to me if you can give me an idea of when you would like your reading. Do you want you reading as soon as possible, on a specific day and at a specific time? Do you prefer morning/afternoons/evenings or weekends? 

Mostly, my diary is busy and it is rare that I can offer same day or next day appointments. Advance booking is recommended.


Please note my general working hours:


Monday to Friday


Monday to Friday, my general working hours are 9am until 7pm (time in South Africa). 


Saturday & Sunday


During the weekend, I am available half day on Saturday usually in the afternoon.


I do not work on Sundays.


3. Get in touch to schedule a time 


Tell me your name, what type of reading you would like to book and your preferred times. I will then send you some suggested times and we will agree a time.


The best way to reach me is via WhatsApp text message or via the email contact form on my website as I am often in sessions on the phone or WhatsApp call so can’t always answer phone or WhatsApp calls. 

Please do not call to book!!! When you call, you are most likely interrupting someone else's session. Please consider that.

Most questions are answered by information on my website. Please look at my website for information before attempting to call me.


Please send me a WhatsApp text at any time day or night and I will reply as soon as I can.


Note that I never answer calls from private numbers and calls before 8am and after 7pm at night.


4. You'll receive a confirmation text


I will send you a confirmation message via WhatsApp text. This message will include the EFT details for phone/WhatsApp/Skype/email readings. If you are impatient to pay, you can pay via PayFast:  If you are overseas, the text will include the PayFast or link ( and the amount to pay in the relevant currency. Please send your payment or proof of payment within 6 hours of receiving the payment details. Payment secures your slot. If payment has not been received, please note that your slot will be opened up to others and most likely allocated to someone else.

For phone/WhatsApp/Skype readings:


If booking a phone/WhatsApp/Skype/Zoom/Team call/video call reading, the confirmation message will ask you to please send me the proof of payment and to then call me at the specific time for your phone/WhatsApp/Skype reading. Please do not call earlier than the agreed time. I'm a Pisces and I am probably still preparing for your session or finishing another session.

For WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom readings, please ensure that you have good signal or connectivity. If your signal is poor, please call me from a landline or a mobile phone line with good signal.

If you would like your reading via Zoom, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can send you the Zoom meeting link in advance of your session.


6. You'll send me the proof of payment


This applies to email/phone/WhatsApp/Skype call or video call readings.


EFT proof of payments:


I bank with Capitec. (If you bank with Standard Bank or FNB, please let me know and I will send you Standard Bank or FNB EFT details instead of Capitect Bank details. I do not accept cash deposits into Standard Bank; only EFT)


Please use your first name as the payment reference.


Please send me an official proof of payment issued by the bank. Please request your bank to send this as a PDF attachment to an email sent to


Please send me your proof of payment well in advance of the call or to order your email reading. Note that your appointment is not confirmed until proof of payment or payment is received and I may not be able to hold your appointment for you if proof of payment has not been received. I am extremely busy and often have a waiting list for each particular day.


Unfortunately, due to fraud, I do not accept photos of your desktop/bank statement, transaction in progress/completed or photos of texts sent to your phone.


If you are concerned that the official email sent by the bank won’t arrive in time for your appointment, please ask your bank to send a text notification to me at 0606199836.


If you are unable to send an official proof of payment to me in advance of your scheduled reading, we will need to reschedule your appointment. I will contact you to reschedule once the funds have reflected into my account.


Cash deposit proof of payment


Please send me a photo of the deposit slip made into the Capitec account and let me know where (town/branch) you made the deposit. This enables me to match your payment to you.


Mobile banking


If you would like to make a payment using mobile banking, you can send a payment to me at 0606199836.


If you are unable to put your first name as a reference, please WhatsApp me the last 4 digits of the account that the money is being paid from. My bank does not tell me what phone number the money was sent from but the account number it came from. Knowing the last four digits of the account the money was sent from enables me to match your payment to your reading.


E-Wallet /Standard Bank Instant Pay


If you would like to pay this way, please check with me first and make an arrangement with me. When I do accept such payments, you would need to send me the eWallet/Standard Bank Instant Money transfer text/details and password at least 24 hours before your appointment time so that I have time to collect this payment before your reading.

7. Please call me for your reading.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Get in touch here  

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