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Book a Face-to-Face Reading for Assistance on Your Path

Due to guidelines to reduce the chances of Coronavirus transmission, I am not available for face-to-face readings until further notice. When the Coronavirus pandemic is under control, I will once again be available for face-to-face readings in Johannesburg:  

One-to-One Readings: Feel Guided


Kathryn connects with spirit through mediumship, clairvoyance and tarot cards. For many readings, I do not use cards. I am a lightworker who works with spirit for your higher good and in God's light. 

There are three options:

  • A one-hour reading (excludes audio recording): R700

  • A 90-minute reading (includes an emailed audio recording): R900

  • A two-hour reading (includes an emailed audio recording): R1100

  • A 1hour 45 minute shared reading for two people (includes audio recording): R1000 (EFT prepayment required)

Your individual in-depth 90 minute or 1h45 minute reading includes:

  • A personal and confidential service

  • A free optional audio recording of face-to-face readings

  • No limit to the number of questions you can ask in a session

  • A connection to departed loved ones or spirits as standard

Please call, WhatsApp or text me on (SA) 06061 99836 to arrange an appointment. You can either pre-pay for your reading via EFT, or you can pay in cash or via credit / debit card at the end of the appointment.


If you book the shared reading for two or two people coming for 2 separate readings, prepayment via EFT is required. Funds must clear prior to the appointments.

I tune into your energies before the reading.  I impart these key messages to you in the first part of the reading. The reading can focus on looking at past, present and future issues, or particular issues in your life (eg. work or relationships) as well as departed love ones. There is also time for specific questions. Note that the information that comes through is sometimes what you need to hear and not always what you want to hear. 


To get the most from your reading, read my blog post: "How to Get the Most From Your Reading with a Clairvoyant Medium".


If your main reason for coming to see me is to connect with a departed loved one, the session can focus on the energies of that person or others. 

Get in touch here  

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