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How I work


Before a session, I tune in to a person’s energy through mediation, channelling and prayer. I also use candles, incense/herbs and tarot cards in this process.

I ask for guidance about the person I am reading for. I typically look at general energy, work, love and people who have passed away. Other things may come up. I don't do sessions  where I only focus on crossing over or life. I tend to channel what I get about all issues and cover a mixture of areas in a session, even if a session may focus more on one area.


I see pictures, hear words and feel emotional feelings or physical feelings within the body. These physical feelings often relate to health. I find that anything I see, hear or feel relates directly to the person I am reading for or to someone connected to that person through life and death, past and present.


In terms of people who have passed away, I find that those who are more settled in the spirit world and who usually died long ago tend to come through first. Sometimes the information about departed loved ones comes through in a mixed way; in other words, it may sound like I am talking about one person and then it seems like I am talking about someone else.


In a reading, most things make sense right away. Some things that come up may only make sense by the end of the reading and in some cases some things may only make sense to the person I am reading for much later on after the reading or weeks or months after the reading.


The reason for this is that everything I see, hear or feel is open to my interpretation. I aim to describe everything I see, hear or feel as accurately as possible. Some things come through very clearly while other things come through less clearly. Clairvoyance and mediumship are like radio or tv signals. Sometimes it’s fuzzy and other times it’s crystal clear.


In addition, everything I communicate is open to the interpretation of the person I am reading for. Sometimes a person comes to a session wanting desperately to talk to one loved one, but others come through more readily.


Sometimes a person is not ready to hear what comes through in a session. The truth can be a hard pill to swallow. What comes through in a reading is what spirit feels a person needs to hear. It may not be what they want to hear or what they find easy to acknowledge.

When it comes to future predictions, I like to remind people that the future is not cast in stone. A reading provides an opportunity to review where the energies seem to be heading and to contemplate how you can make it better.


You can change your future for better or worse. Divine guidance and guidance from our ancestors can help us to make better choices and, in some cases, avoid negative events all together. In cases were things aren’t avoidable, knowing they lie up ahead can help you better prepare for them or navigate your future more effectively.


You should use the information channelled in a reading to help you create a better future.

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