Psychic Readings, Crossing Over & Intuitive Life Coaching 

Kathryn connects with spirit to provide valuable insight to help guide you on your path:

I offer the following services:

Psychic readings with mediumship & Intuitive Life Coaching  by appointment:

Psychic chat readings with mediumship - no appointment needed:
  • US $1.80 per minute (No appointment needed subject to online availability). Click here.


For phone / Skype / WhatsApp / email readings: Pre-payment via EFT to a Capitect or Standard Bank account, cash deposit into Capitec account, cellphone banking, Standard Bank Instant Pay, FNB eWallet, PayFast  or Western Union.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I am not accepting cash sends and eWallet payments.

I do not accept international EFT payments into my South African account.

For face-to-face sessions: Either pre-payment via EFT or payment in cash or credit/debit card at the end of the session.

Click here for more information about How to Book Your Reading if you are in South Africa.


For phone / Skype / WhatsApp / email readings: Payment is via PayPal. Contact me for prices in your currency. Prices take currency conversion rates , fluctuations and PayPal fees into account. The PayPal me link is 

If you live in another country in Africa and you are unable to pay via PayPal or EFT into a South African account, please let me know and I will email you a link via PayFast so that you can pay by credit or debit card. 

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