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Psychic Readings, Crossing Over & Intuitive Life Coaching 

Kathryn connects with spirit to provide valuable insight to help guide you on your path:

Psychic readings with mediumship & Intuitive Life Coaching  by appointment:

To pay for the 60-minute or 90-minute reading, please click here: or (These are shareable links)


To pay for the most popular three-question email reading, please click here: (This is a shareable link)

Psychic chat readings with mediumship - no appointment needed:
  • US $1.80 per minute (No appointment needed subject to online availability). Click here.


For phone / Skype / WhatsApp / Zoom/ Teams / email readings: Pre-pay via the PayFast button above or EFT to my Capitec, Standard Bank or FNB account. For my EFT details, please send me a WhatsApp on +27 (0)606199836.


You can also make a cash deposit into my Capitec account, do cellphone banking (my cell is 0606199836 linked to Capitec), or send a Standard Bank Instant Payment/Cash Send, or FNB eWallet. Please ensure cash sends are sent at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time unless we have made another arrangement.

Click here for more information about How to Book Your Reading.


For phone / Skype / WhatsApp / Zoom / Teams / email readings: Payment is via  the PayFast buttons above or via PayPal

If you live in another country in Africa and you are unable to pay via PayPal or EFT into a South African account, please pay via credit or debit card by clicking on the PayFast buttons above. 

Once we have agreed a time for your appointment, please confirm your appointment by prepaying for it immediately via the PayFast buttons above or as soon as possible but within 6 hours of receiving the payment or EFT details. If payment or proof of payment hasn't been received in that time, the appointment slot will be made available for others and it is likely that you will lose that time slot. Please only request an appointment, if you are sure you want to book and pay for one.

Get in touch today.


Psychic Table Kathryn Valdal Saleem Halo
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