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How Serious Are You About Covid-19?

As covid-19 infections and deaths increase, some people still aren’t wearing masks, social distancing and avoiding face-to-face contact.

As a medium, I’m already starting to see and feel the effect the pandemic is having on people who’ve lost their loved ones.

The pandemic is enabling us to see countries, governments and individuals for who they truly are.

Some are doing their best with love and dedication, while others are acting irresponsibly without sense or care.

Those who take the pandemic seriously:

  • Aren't in denial.

  • Don’t build conspiracy theories.

  • Aren't driven by ego.

  • Know that it really can happen to them.

  • Have empathy.

  • Care about the health of others.

  • Love themselves enough to look after their health.

  • Don’t take life for granted.

  • Are mature and responsible.

  • Are willing to make some sacrifices for safety.

When under stress, people sometimes go into a state of denial or regress to an earlier stage of development. That’s why adults can start acting like kids.

There is no time or space for that irresponsible misguided energy. This is a time when everyone needs to wake up.

If you're doing your best to curb the spread of the pandemic, thank you. The world needs more people like you. xx

(Graphic source: Bonni Clark Pintrest)

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