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Always Follow Your Intuition

When I relocated back to South Africa from the UK just over two years ago, many people thought I was crazy and some people looked down on me for my decision. I followed my intuition anyway and am so pleased that I did.

I had had a vision six months before the move. I’d felt intuitively guided to return to South Africa and to do so urgently (after 17 years away). In a vision, I was told that I would be safer in South Africa and that living in South Africa again would be very good for me.

In my vision, I had also been shown a cloud coming over the UK. I wondered if it was a symbolic cloud, a terrorist bomb or a weather phenomenon. I didn’t get clarity then. When I asked my spiritual guide what that cloud was, I heard that something will come and affect the air. I felt an urgent need to get out of there as soon as possible.

I just focused on moving which wasn’t a simple process. I had to go through a family court case in Liverpool High Court to get out of the UK and that took months with much stress and at great expense. Strangely at that time, money didn't seem important - getting on the plane was my only priority.

Two years later, coronavirus emerged and has now spread across the world. The UK is one of the worst hit countries. In my opinion, the UK government did not take the right approach at the right time to slow the virus and as a result thousands are losing there lives.

While South Africa is also affected by the virus, it is one of the few countries to have taken strict action early to flatten the curve and it is one of the few nations at this point to be succeeding in that goal.

I feel that God saved me by sending me here and giving me time to establish myself before this global pandemic. What I’ve learnt from this is that no matter what other people say or think of you and even if they oppose and persecute you for your beliefs and actions, always follow your intuition.

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