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Seven Ways to Promote Your Business Online

Pick up some new ideas on how to get more exposure and clients through online marketing. International clairvoyant medium and intuitive life coach Kathryn Valdal Saleem provides practical tips on how to quickly enhance your website and boost your online presence by using search engine optimisation (SEO), as well as free and easy to use online tools and social media marketing. Keep spreading the light.

1. Get into Good Habits

· Decide that it is worth the effort.

· Start somewhere — you don’t have to be an expert; you’ll learn along the way.

· Decide to tell people about everything you do — don’t hide away.

· Know that you can do a lot for free with a bit of time.

· Know that marketing well is about doing many things.

· There are few instant wins — little and often are key.

· Like everything success comes from effort over time.

2. Enhance Your Website

To keep up with the competition, you need to:

- Have a website in the first place (You can use to create a website for your business).

· Include a photo or video of yourself and professional design and content.

· Keep your website dynamic

  • Add a review page.

  • Chat now button.

  • Add new content regularly.

  • Add a blog or vlogging links.

  • Connect your site to social media or upload social media feeds.

  • Post upcoming events.

  • Upload recent news.

  • Add an email newsletter option or subscribe for free option.

  • Consider adding a mobile app option.

3. Ensure Your Website Can be Found

· List yourself on Google maps (Google Business) for free!

· Consider paying for Google ads.

· Review and improve your search engine optimisation (SEO).

· Submit your site to search engines regularly — you can do it for free.

· List your website on free and paid for directories — for example,

· List yourself on free to list ecommerce marketplaces targeting specific industries — for example, (South Africa’s new online holistic marketplace in Rands), or

· Pay for certain ads or listings on sites that help your site appear higher.

4. Use Social Media

· Post on Google, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

· Set up a Facebook Business page that is separate/linked to your personal page.

· Use the many free training videos and programmes.

· Consider going on an in-depth online course, such as Kat Coroy’s Instagram Makeover video course.

5. Use Facebook Groups and Marketing

· Join Facebook Groups to market your business.

· See what groups other people are posting into.

· Know and abide by Group Rules.

· Post your blogs, vlogs and events into Facebook Groups.

· Search for any relevant groups regarding:

  • Sell it, sell anything, sell online

  • Industry specific groups

  • Event-related sites

  • Classifieds

  • Mommies/Mothers groups

  • Search by area – suburbs, towns, province

  • Small business network

  • Country-specific groups, community groups

  • I love x area

- Consider paid Facebook ads and boosts.

6. Switch to WhatsApp Business

· Send out message blasts to existing clients on WhatsApp.

· Use Status updates for quick info delivery.

· Set up and use WhatsApp groups.

· Set up a WhatsApp button on social media so people can message you easily.

· Ensure they receive an automated message that includes your website address.

7. Use Other Lists

· Use free newsletter subscriptions lists.

· Use give-aways to get people to subscribe — subscribe to get.

· Start vlogging on YouTube.

· Consider creating a mobile app and building user lists.

When you keep telling clients about what you are doing, they feel you are a credible professional and a dynamic leader in your field. They get excited about your business and more likely to talk about your business, recommend you, purchase from you and return again. The more excited they get, the more they talk and the more business you get.

Download the PDF version of this article for holistic, wellness and spiritual practitioners here:

How to Promote Your Holistic Business On
Download • 247KB


Thanks for your interest. Good luck in promoting your business.

About Kathryn Valdal Saleem

Kathryn Valdal Saleem (formerly Valdal Fourie) is an accurate international clairvoyant medium and intuitive life coach who specialises in crossing over sessions and providing guidance that helps you move forward in positive ways. Kathryn is also an experienced writer and editor who holds a BA Communication cum laude and an MA in Technical Communication with distinction.

Reviewed positively by clients in South Africa and abroad, Kathryn’s spiritual gifts have been featured on national television and radio, including SABC TV news, DSTv, SAfm and Cape Talk. She has also written for global organisations and publications around the world.

To read reviews as well as past media interviews, please visit my website: To be a part of Kathryn’s new online marketplace for South Africa’s holistic and wellness industry, go to You can list for free and submit articles for publication too.


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