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The Closing Eclipse of 5 July 2020

Tomorrow, 30 June 2020, Jupiter and Pluto will conjunct in Capricorn and these planets will also be retrograde in Capricorn. This positioning will invite us to think more deeply about what’s hidden, what truly matters, and what we need to do to grow and expand.

We may start to see who or what is blocking us, whether that be aspects of ourselves or the true intentions and nature of friends, false friends or even systems. We may also ask ourselves how we want to proceed with our goals in terms of our vision of the future.

Part of this process will involve deciding what we need to let go of — personal habits or in some cases relationships — to move forward with the insights that we’ve gained in the first part of the year.

We’ll still feel the effects of this conjunction as we approach the full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn on 5 July 2020. This will be a closing eclipse that will likely be positive overall. It’ll ask us to do a massive energy clearing to finish up some issues that began in early 2015.

At this point, we may not express our insights and actions. It’ll be a time to figure out what we need to release and what we still need to do to honour our life’s direction or new power. Other planetary influences mean that we’ll probably pace ourselves over the rest of the year to honour our new power, direction and plans.

Love and light xx

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