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Himalayan Salt to Cleanse Negative Energies

Spiritually, salt is the great neutraliser. It cleanses negativity, heals and balances energies, while also repelling negative vibrations.

Rock salt is considered purer than sea salt and pink Himalayan salt has more trace elements than regular salt. Its pink colour also connects it more strongly to the heart chakra.

Throw it in the bath or a foot soak to cleanse your energy. Use it as a scrub in the shower for the same effect.

To absorb negative energies in your space, sprinkle it on the floor when sweeping the house or add a tablespoon of salt to the water when you wash the floor. You can also place salt at the corners of the rooms or around the perimeter of a room or home. Remember to collect the salt up and dispose of it after a while.

3kg buckets of coarse or fine Khewra Himalayan salt: R180 1.3kg buckets of coarse or fine Khewra Himalayan salt: R70 each 800g bags of coarse or fine Khewra Himalayan salt: R50 each

WhatsApp text 0606199836 to order to order. Postage / delivery across South Africa.


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