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Yoga for Energy Balancing & Healing

Are you looking to release energy blocks or past pain, find health and happiness, or achieve spiritual enlightenment? If so, yoga could be the practice for you.

You may be struggling to progress in an area of your life, or a clairvoyant, aura reader or healer may even have advised you to do further energy work or remove negative energy from your aura.

In severe cases, you may need to repair part of your aura. You could simply feel guided to improve your overall wellbeing and see, sense and feel the world glow all around you.

The body is the vessel in which our soul and spirit travel during this lifetime on the earth plane. Yoga aims to strengthen the body but also to develop the mind and spirit. We can sense our physical world through our five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. But in the philosophy and practice of yoga, a semi-material fluid world doubles over our physical world; this is Prana. Prana is the cosmic, vital force, energy or light that fills all living things. Yoga does not view the body, mind and soul as separate entities; it looks at the energy.

We accumulate positive and negative Prana in our bodies and layers of the aura — the energy field around our bodies. Prana infuses the many layers of the aura, which is most commonly understood through the seven key chakras:

  • Crown chakra or thousand leaved lotus (situated on the top of the head) — violet

  • Brow chakra (situated in the center of the forehead) — purple/indigo

  • Throat chakra (situated just above the breastbone) — blue

  • Heart chakra (situated in the center of the chest) — green

  • Solar plexus chakra (situated just above the naval) — yellow

  • Sacral chakra (situated between the naval and the genitals) — orange

  • Base/root chakra (situated between the anus and the genitals) — red.

Life is turbulent. The people, events and stresses we encounter affect our energy systems. Pranic imbalances affect the spirit but they also eventually lead to disease or physical symptoms. These imbalances can be energy blocks, stagnant energy, or the result of past emotional or physical trauma in your present or past life.

For example, a block in the throat chakra may mean an individual struggles to speak his/her truth. Rips or tears in the solar plexus would mean lack of resilience, will power or strength to face life and its many challenges. These and other blocks or imbalances generally don’t shift on their own.

Highly intuitive people, clairvoyants, mediums, healers, yoga teachers, and aura readers, are sensitive to this cosmic energy and pick up energy flows and blocks in the aura, chakras, and between and within people. They may advise you as to what actions you need to take to correct energy imbalances. If you pick up positive or negative vibes from people, or sense energies in different places, you’re probably highly sensitive. In fact, anyone can develop their sensitivity and intuition and take it to new levels. Yoga can help you achieve this.

Yoga is an excellent practice or way of life that can help you strengthen your energy system in order to develop and protect your health, sense of wellbeing and your sixth sense. The regular practice of yoga can help you:

Achieve Relaxation 

Yoga involves poses, relaxation and meditation, which release muscular tension and negativity that may have accumulated in the body and energy field

Improve Breathing

The use of the breath sends Prana to various parts of the body and helps circulate Prana. Yoga breathing energises the body and the energy system.

Accelerate Healing

Yoga unlocks the flow of energy and can facilitate the body’s own healing process. Yoga boosts the immune system, improves digestion, enhances sexual performance, controls the appetite and reduces food cravings, improves spinal health and overall wellbeing.

Develop Intuition

By balancing and healing your energy system, stilling the mind and body, yoga also helps to open the third-eye (brow chakra) and opens the crown chakra to connect to higher heavenly and angelic realms.

Attain Oneness

The awareness and concentration of your inner sound and light during yoga practice can enable you to feel total unity with the universe and/or God. Many people feel a strong spiritual connection and experience spiritual revelations during yoga.

Whether you want to reduce stress; improve your physical, mental or emotional health; or develop your clairvoyance or spiritual side, you will balance, strengthen and replenish your energy field, and connect with spirit when you progress on your yoga journey.

This article, written by Kathryn, was first published on Daily Zen at

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