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Is Intuitive Life Coaching Right For You?

Life coaches, intuitive life coaches and therapists (counsellors or psychologists) occasionally help clients with similar problems, but their work is not the same. In order to get the right kind of professional expertise, you need to know which kind of guidance will serve you best.

Life coaching isn’t a different or alternative version of therapy. It is a dynamic discipline that can help motivate and inspire people to achieve more than they believe is possible. In other words, a life coach or intuitive life coach does not replace a psychologist or psychiatrist.

This article will help you know which type of support is most appropriate for you in your life now.

What is an intuitive life coach?

An intuitive life coach is not a traditional life coach. An intuitive life coach uses his or her psychic abilities to get to the source of problems and the solutions. What clients enjoy about intuitive life coaching is getting to the heart of the matter quickly and gaining clarity on what to do next.

The relationship of a client with an intuitive life coach is a partnership and whether a client makes progress after the session or sessions is largely up to how the client chooses to take action in his or her life.

Both life coaching and intuitive life coaching are powerful processes that support individuals in releasing their true potential and in making positive changes in their life. All forms of life coaching help mentally healthy people improve their thought-processes, habits and lifestyles.

To engage a life coach, you should be at a point in life or related to a particular area of your life when you are ready for change or for a positive challenge. When you know you need some clarity and have some changes or work to do on your journey to achieve your goals, a life coach can help you along the way.

Intuitive life coaching is tailored to your unique needs and doesn’t apply a particular coaching methodology to sessions or prescribe a particular number of sessions. You won’t have to work through some sort of programme or a prescribed number of sessions. Your first intuitive life coaching session with me is similar to a psychic reading with a more direct and practical element focused on helping you find ways to move forward.

You won’t necessarily need many sessions of intuitive life coaching. For many people, one or a few sessions will help them a great deal and help them get on track. Others may book more regular sessions as needed over a longer period. An intuitive life coach will work to empower you in your life and will not aim for you to become dependent on them.

An intuitive life coach can help you take the steps needed to let go of or leave a difficult or even abusive situation. Intuitive life coaching can also be particularly helpful when working through confidence or mild anxiety issues.

Sometimes, though, an intuitive life coach or life coach will suggest that you consult a psychologist or other health care professional to help you further.

When should you see a clinical psychologist?

Most people consult an advisor, including a psychic advisor, life coach, intuitive life coach or healer, when they are anxious, sad or seeking answers and advice. It is not unusual that when someone is feeling emotionally down, they may reach out to book a session for advice or support. This is normal and acceptable.

However, if you are feeling so emotionally depressed or down that you don’t feel you can face moving forward — you just can’t imagine taking action to address your problems — you should seek help from a psychologist. For example, if you are suffering from clinical depression, bipolar or feeling as though life is not worth living whether you have a diagnosed mental health issue or not, you should seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Remember that an intuitive life coach may pick up on and get straight to some of the issues. Ask yourself if you feel emotionally and psychologically ready for that. If this could be too emotionally difficult or overwhelming for you, you may not be ready to book a session with an intuitive life coach and, you should consider seeking assistance from a psychotherapist before engaging a life coach.

If you need to do a significant amount of emotional work in order to get ready to move your life forward, you should engage a psychologist or psychiatrist in that process. In a sense, the psychologist can help you get ready to climb the mountain on your journey of life, but an intuitive life coach or life coach will help you know how to climb that mountain and can be your guide on that climb.

A clinical psychologist diagnoses and treats mental and emotional disorders but also helps mentally healthy people deal with difficult issues particularly past trauma and loss. A psychologist can be particularly helpful when you need to talk through or work through deep emotional issues, trauma and grief from the past. A psychologist is also a valuable resource when you need a lot of help with depression and/or anxiety that are affecting your ability to function at home or at work.

With the right advisor, your problems can be big enough to see and small enough to solve so that you can make positive changes and live a life of inner peace and joy.

For more information about my work or to book a session, please get in touch


Love and light xxx

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