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Q&A About Mediumship

Sometimes people are confused about what mediums actually do and what mediumship is all about. International clairvoyant medium, Kathryn Valdal Saleem, answers these questions:

What is a medium?

A medium is a channel for divine information and can connect to the soul of someone who has passed on. The medium provides some details about this person to confirm who is present. The medium can also channel messages from people who have died. This can provide a person with some answers, closure and peace.

What responsibilities are associated with being a medium?

People take the advice of psychic mediums seriously and a psychic medium does need to be socially responsible, ethical and honest. These are the top responsibilities of a medium:

1. A medium must accurately explain how he or she works.

Ethical mediums do this at the start of a session.

2. A medium must fairly represent him/herself and his/her work.

A medium should never make false claims, such as claiming to bring a lost lover back or helping someone win the lottery.

3. A medium must never claim to remove grief.

Even when you have made a connection with your loved ones through a medium, you will still go through the grieving process. Mediumship can help you feel more at ease or at peace, but you will still miss your loved one.

4. A medium must be unbiased.

The medium must channel what he or she receives from spirit without judgement.

5. A medium must be honest and compassionate.

People often make difficult life changing decisions based on what the medium channels, and clear compassionate advice can help them.

6. A medium has a responsibility to educate people.

In particular, a medium should educate people about God, the passage of the soul to the afterlife, and how we are all connected.

7. A good medium should try to empower people.

A good medium will help a person become more independent in their own life and will not make them dependent on the medium. Unethical mediums aim to instil fear in a person in order to extort money from them and get regular business.

8. A medium must direct clients to other professionals.

A psychic medium does not replace the need for other professionals such as doctors, lawyers, financial advisers and police.

For example, a clinically depressed person should be referred to a doctor or psychologist/psychiatrist. Someone suspecting they have the Coronavirus must be referred to a medical practitioner or testing centre.

9. A medium must keep confidences.

Mediums often deal with information that is highly personal and sensitive, and they must safeguard this information.

10. A medium must listen to his/her guidance.

A medium may feel drawn to avoid reading for someone or the opposite — to help someone beyond what is normally expected.

What are the biggest misconceptions around what you do?

There are quite a few but here are the main ones that come to mind.

1. Some people falsely believe that mediums are against Christianity and Islam.

There are two types of mediums and psychics: 1) the genuine mediums working with good intentions and in God’s light and 2) those working with bad intentions with the help of the forces of darkness. Mediums working in God’s light do not try to manipulate events through spell crafting and witchcraft.

The mediums working in God’s light are messengers who channel divine and angelic guidance as well as messages from deceased loved ones. These mediums can help humanity come closer to God and to lead better, cleaner and more fulfilling lives. The work of these mediums is completely compatible with Islam and Christianity.

2. Some people falsely believe that psychic mediums make good or bad things happen.

A psychic picks up on the energies and where you appear to be heading. The guidance may be what you need to hear but not always what you want to hear.

Anything negative in a reading is a warning of events. If you are aware of what is potentially up ahead, you can make better decisions and, in some cases, avoid the negative event altogether or be better prepared for such an event.

When positive information comes through, people tend to feel reassured.

A good psychic medium will also tell you that your thoughts, actions and decisions can make your future better or worse. Your life is in your hands and in God’s hands.

3. Some people falsely believe that if you are physically in front of the medium the medium will get more information for you.

This is simply not true. Most mediums can make a connection remotely and they can channel information from spirit even if you are on the other side of the world or on the phone.

Some people prefer face-to-face sessions simply because they prefer the personal feel of meeting in person.

Remember that God, the angels and our ancestors are in another dimension floating around, and we can call them to us. They defy physical, time and space. Energy connects us despite distance.

If you would like to visit a psychic medium during the Coronavirus lockdown period, you should not try to visit a medium in person. You should call one instead.

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