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Connecting with Departed Loved Ones

Mediumship creates a bridge between the spiritual and the physical worlds. It can bring healing and insight to both the living and the departed. Learn more about a crossing-over session, when to book a session, what to bring to the appointment and how establishing contact with a departed loved one can assist with the grieving process.

What is a crossing-over session?

In a crossing-over session, the medium focuses on connecting with departed loved ones and channeling information from and about them. The session may focus on connecting with one departed loved one or several. It could also include connecting with guides and angels.

If you would like to book a reading that focuses on crossing-over rather than a reading on the current issues you face, you should let the medium know when booking the appointment. In most of my readings, I focus on both current issues and crossing-over (mediumship), but I can dedicate a session to predominantly one one or the other.

I work as a mental medium, which means I communicate with spirits through the use of telepathy. Spirits impress my mind and body with thoughts, feelings, images and words and sounds. I mentally hear words (clairaudience), see images (clairvoyance), know things (claircognizance) and/or feel physical pains, emotions, sensations and mannerisms (clairsentience).

Should I bring anything to the session?

You do not need to bring anything, but it can be helpful if you do.

A metallic item that belonged to the departed loved one is ideal. For example, a ring, a locket, necklace, or watch can be effective. It is helpful if the item was of emotional important to the individual or they wore it regularly.

You can also bring along a photo, but you should keep the photo in an envelope or ensure that it is face down so that the medium does not see it until later. The photo should be of the individual and not of a group.

How long after a death should I see a medium?

You should give the soul some time to settle on the other side before seeing a medium. It’s as though they've just moved house and need time to settle in before they receive visitors. I tend to suggest that you wait at least one or several months following a death before seeing a medium.

If you are worried that it may be too soon after a death to visit a medium, you should rather wait. Waiting a bit longer does not reduce what the medium will pick up on. In fact, it can help the process as the soul may be more settled. Sometimes people are surprised to hear from a departed relative who passed away years ago. I find that they tend to be happy where they are by then and can often come forward more readily. Therefore, there is no time limit.

It is also essential that you have worked through the worst of your grief before seeing a medium. If you are an emotional wreck, you may not be receptive to much of what the medium picks up on, or you may find the session too emotional. In some cases, if there is excessive stress around you, the departed loved one will not want to connect at that time. It is best if you feel calm and relaxed.

There are many factors that affect the strength of the connection with a departed loved one, including their personality. Someone who had a lot to say in life will have a lot to say from the other side. Likewise, if they were shy in life, they are likely to take a little more time to speak up from spirit. How the individual died, how they feel about it and if they feel they are the appropriate messenger for you will also affect what comes through.

Will seeing a medium help me with the grieving process?

It can be helpful in the healing process. It can be reassuring to know, feel and connect with your loved one in spirit. Sometimes unfinished business or issues can be clarified in the session too. Your departed loved one may also provide you with guidance about current issues in your life.

Normally, departed loved ones will point you to things, events or people in life that they think you should focus on—sometimes it’s a warning and sometimes they simply want you to focus on feeling more joyful. They may also point your attention to other people in spirit.

That said, connecting with a loved one through a medium is not a magic cure for grief. Unfortunately, you will still miss your loved one and you will need to go through the grieving process over time. A crossing-over session is not a replacement for grief counseling.

For many people, a crossing over session can be extremely emotional and you may have a lot to think about for days or weeks after the session. It can often be a life changing experience — in a positive way.

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