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Psychic Protection & Fuzzy Electronics

If you work with spirit, every so often, dark forces start to approach and these forces need to be pushed away through psychic protection -- the forces of light. Somehow before any dark forces seem to plan an attack, I always seem to receive a positive sign from the angels and from the spirits of the light. And I did, in the form of a feather that miraculously appeared in front of my daughter as though it had flown in from the window, which happened to be closed.

Shortly after that:

  • My ex-husband sent me a string of threating emails and letters.

  • A lady in a very dark place got in touch expressing destructive intentions

  • I picked up a dark force affecting a lovely lady filled with fear.

When my ex-husband approached my house on Friday, my mobile phone died completely even though it had a full battery. I felt that I'd been zapped by Darth Vader's red wand.

That said, the right help has been arranged for the lady in need and my message to the lady touched by a dark force was: Connect with beings of light. Call on God, the spirit of Jesus Christ and the angels, and spirits of the light to fill up your being because just like a torch lights up a dark room, light defeats darkness and drives fear away.

Yesterday, in the morning after I was tuning into the energies and spirits around ladies for a psychic night, I went to turn the radio on. I had switched the radio off before starting my meditation. When I switched the radio back on the frequency was fuzzy and distorted. On the digital screen it read: "Frequency lost: Are you with us?" I had an uneasy feeling and felt that this was the result of some of the negative energies over the past week.

My answer was: "No, I'm not with any dark unknown force. I strongly believe in God, the spirit of Jesus Christ and God's angels. I'm with them."

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