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30 Ways to Cleanse, Balance and Boost Your Energy Field

The holidays are a great time to think of clearing out any negative or stagnant energy or simply re-energizing your aura.

There are quite a few things that determine the state of your aura. These include how we treat our bodies, how we think, the people and situations we are exposed to and the space we live and work in. Most people focus on what they eat and how they treat their bodies but they often neglect the impact of space on their energy fields. In readings, I often pick up issues with a person's space -- dust, dirt, clutter, or stagnant energy/spirits who are stuck -- as barriers to their progress.

Start by clearing your space:

1. Declutter. Get rid of any old or unwanted items.

2. Tidy up and reorganise your space.

3. Re-decorate if necessary.

4. Change colour schemes.

5. Add crystals.

6. Change the lighting.

7. Feng Shui your home or work space.

8. Clean your space, including the windows and mirrors.

9. Use smudge sticks, sound bowls/bells or space clearing rituals and prayers to clear out any unwanted residual energies of other people or spirits.

10. Use aromatherapy oils or room diffusers to uplift the space.

Spirit also often point me to advise people to change their diet, quit tablets or an addiction or take up an exercise class. This is because these things really do affect your aura -- your health, wellbeing and ability to create and live the life you want. Personal habits may be challenging to change at first but once you decide to make a change, it's often easier than you could have imagined.

Balance and enhance your energy field using the following these steps:

11. Take steps to quit any toxic habits like addictions to nicotine, drugs or alcohol.

12. Get some advice on what you need to fix or change for quick wins.

13. Exercise more regularly.

14. Improve your diet. Eat more organic foods, including fruits and vegetables.

15. Use aromatherapy oils or products on your skin or in your bath to clear your chakras.

16. Wear crystals.

17. Spend more time outdoors (in green spaces).

18. Make a trip to the ocean or place of natural beauty. Wind and water tends to cleanse the aura.

19. Enjoy more time with the people who love you and who you love. Love is the best healer.

20. Examine your thought processes. Change negative ones for more positive ones.

21. Consider counselling and empower yourself to cope better.

22. Use positive affirmations. Tell yourself you are amazing.

23. Feel grateful for the many blessings in your life.

24. Balance giving and receiving. If you have received a lot from others or in life, start giving. Get the energy flowing.

25. Start Reiki or book a Reiki healing appointment.

26. Practice yoga.

27. Use colour therapy using candles, different coloured clothing and vizualization.

28. Start meditating.

29. Use prayer.

30. Call on the angels for help, healing and protection.

Feel balanced and energized. Feel healed and transformed so that you can move forward in positive ways.

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