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Seven Ways to Change Your Life

It really is possible to completely transform your life and achieve happiness. Here are seven steps to help you on your way:

1. Be more grateful.

Be grateful for all the prosperity and blessings that come to you. It’s easy to focus on what you don’t have but harder to focus on what you do have. To become more grateful, start your day writing down five things you are grateful for. Do this every day for a week. It’s also a great activity for kids. Once you start thinking of what you have rather than what you don’t have, gratitude and positive thinking will become natural for you and you’ll find it hard to be negative.

2. Develop and repeat positive affirmations.

This is linked to gratitude. You’ll feel more energized if you think you’re great. None of us are perfect but we feel better and attract more success to us, if we focus on our strengths. If you’re struggling with this, start your day by writing down three things you like or love about yourself. Do this every day for a week. You’ll be amazed how fabulous you really are.

3. Imagine that anything is possible.

Our thinking is often our biggest limitations. We tell ourselves that we could never manage on our own (if we are stuck in a relationship), or that we could never pay the mortgage without the job we hate. Start dreaming of what you truly desire. Plant the seed and let it grow.

Imagine that there are no barriers. Then, write down what you want in life: More free time, a more fulfilling job, fewer financial pressures, a new life style, better relationship with your partner/children.

4. Be clear about what you want.

Often, nothing changes in our lives because we actually don’t know what we want. If you are stuck in relationship, some days you may hope that it will work while other days you aren’t so sure. If you are in an unfulfilling job, you may feel terrified of leaving what you know in order to leap into the unknown. This is how we end up clinging to jobs, people and choices that do not make us happy.

The universe can’t help you, if you aren’t sending out clear signals. You need to know what you really want before you can manifest your desires.

5. Visualize what you want.

Devote time to do this every day. As the saying goes: Think it, Dream it, Live it. Spending time walking in nature or sitting by a river—even if it’s just to eat your sandwich at lunchtime—will give you the space to think and to visualize your dreams. Visualize your desires with positive thoughts and affirmations. Do so with love too in order to manifest your dreams. If you find this difficult, read “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne.

6. Engage in energy balancing and healing.

This could be in the form of yoga, meditation, or Reiki. Chakra clearing, using crystals and improving your diet play an important role in helping you heal and release the past. Avoid chemicals in your home and diet by switching to organic health and beauty products. Other activities that will trigger or help you with the healing process include consulting a clairvoyant medium, who can specifically pinpoint the problems and what action you need to take to move forward.

The space you live and work in also affect your energy and ability to make your dreams a reality. Practice Feng Shui, clear out your clutter or move to a new location if necessary.

7. Take action.

Spend time everyday working toward making your dreams real. Write down how your life is now, in one column on a page. Then write down what you want in another column.

Ask yourself what you could do today and on a daily basis to move away from what you don’t want and start moving towards what you do want. This could be communicating with your partner, buying a self-help book, engaging in a course of study, practicing yoga every day, writing a chapter a day, or taking steps to end a relationship or find a new job.

Be consistent, be positive and ask the universe for help in manifesting the life you want.

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