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Seven Facts About Psychic Readings

If you are new to psychic readings, here are a few things you should know:

1. A psychic reading can be life changing.

A psychic medium can help you become more aware of the forces at play in your life. What the psychic sees provides you with the opportunity to review your life and make more-informed decisions about your future. A psychic medium can make a connection with a departed loved one and this connection can help provide you with answers, closure and peace.

Many people consult their trusted psychic medium before they visit a lawyer, psychologist, financial advisor or doctor and before they make major decisions such as moving, leaving a partner or changing a career. While a psychic reading does not replace the advice of other legal and other professionals, the clarity you gain through a reading can pinpoint the root causes of the challenges you face and point you to actions or approach you need to take.

2. You may experience some initial anxiety.

You may feel worried that the reader may tell you something negative about the future. There is nothing negative in a reading in the sense that spirit is bringing your awareness to possible future occurrences. Knowing about them serves as a warning that can help you avoid possible negative events altogether or cope better with them if you can’t avoid them.

For example, a psychic may warn you that your wife may want to leave you if you continue not to communicate effectively with her or are withdrawn for long periods of time. Being aware of this can help you take action to improve the communication dynamics and create a more positive outcome in the marriage.

3. You can change your future.

A psychic will look into the past, present and future. A clairvoyant will usually tell you where a situation appears to be heading and provide tips on how to create the best possible outcome. A good psychic will also tell you that your thoughts, actions and decisions can make your future better or worse.

A psychic can help you to identify blocks in your life and assist you to move past traumatic experiences or emotional losses. A good psychic will channel guidance that will help you move forward in positive ways. The guidance may be what you need to hear but not always what you want to hear..

4. The reader is a channel.

The reader is a channel of divine information — messages from God, spirit, angels, guides and deceased loved ones. For example, the reader will see pictures, hear words and feel emotions and physical feelings in the body. Anything the reader sees, hears or feels is connected directly to the person being read or to someone connected to that person in life or death.

Most of what the reader tellers you will make sense right away. Some aspects of the reading may only make sense by the end of the session. Sometimes there may be one or two pieces of information that make sense to you after the reading — possibly over the subsequent weeks or months.

5. Psychic information is open to interpretation.

Some aspects of a reading may be a little vague while other parts of a reading may be extremely precise. A reader may pick up on exact places, names and relationship dynamics. Sometimes a reader will be able to describe a property, room or person with amazing accuracy.

Psychic readers do their best to describe what they see and hear as accurately as possible but there are grey areas. For example, a reader may see blue clothing on a washing line and describe it as blue overalls, but it may be a police uniform. Likewise, sometimes the person receiving a reading may interpret information or messages one way, but the forecasts may come to pass like the reader said but not quite how the person had expected.

6. The choice of reader is personal.

There are many excellent psychics and mediums across the globe. With every profession there are levels of ability, working styles and good or bad intentions. Read about, research and compare readers. See what other people have to say about the reader and select a reader you feel comfortable with.

If psychics cast spells and promise to change outcomes for you, they are not working with good intentions and they are generally not working with the forces of light. Seek out a reader who has a strong faith in God and who works with angels and beings of the light. If you feel drawn to a particular reader, then that reader is usually the right channel of spiritual information for you..

7. Your energy affects the reading.

A good reading depends on the strength of the connection the clairvoyant medium or psychic can establish with you and of course on the skill of the reader. You are an active participant in this connection and can either block it or strengthen it. You can get the most from your psychic reading if approach the reading with an open and accepting mind.

If you go into a reading with negative energy and thoughts, the reading you get will be clouded. If you are optimistic and ready to expand your consciousness, your mind and heart can be opened to many new paths that the psychic will help you see. You might even find the path that leads you to a better future, full of love, happiness, and harmony.

For more information about spiritual matters and the readings I offer, check out my website . For more information on how to get the most from your reading, click to read this blog post (also published on here). If you would like to learn more about how to book an appointment with me, please visit the How to Book page or message me through my Online Contact Form.

Wishing you a blessed day.

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