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Spirituality in South Africa: Observations from an International Psychic Medium

Since returning to South Africa, I’ve been helping people around the country to find answers following tragic losses and to navigate key decisions around love, career, finance and their life’s purpose. As many South Africans have been leaving South Africa, I felt spiritually guided to return to Johannesburg, the City of Gold, where I now live and work in the East Rand.

‘One of my key goals in my work is to connect with spirit to help and assist people to find inner peace, happiness and hope. I also aim to empower my clients to get the most out of life, to tap into their own intuition and move forward on their individual spiritual paths. I am a psychic medium, intuitive life coach and writer who passionately embraces my gifts of mediumship, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience to guide others on their life’s quest’.

I have interacted with thousands of international and local clients in person, over the phone/WhatsApp/Skype as well as on radio and television over the past year and a half in South Africa and for years before that in the UK. Over this time, I have made a few observations about spirituality, trends and the vibe in South Africa.

How does spirituality differ in South Africa and the UK?

I find that South Africans are spiritually evolved. Regardless of a person’s religion —

whether Hindu, Christian, Muslim or another religion or a combination of beliefs —most South Africans believe in a higher power, whether they call that God or the universal energy, and that the soul lives on following physical death.

When working in the UK, I found that many people were spiritual but there were also many people who held more exclusively scientific views and who were sceptical as to whether the soul travels on following death. In the UK, quite a lot of people are still looking for evidence of the soul’s survival after death whereas it seems that most South Africans know that the soul lives on and are busy further developing their spiritual connection.

What are South Africans struggling with most?

Love and relationship issues, family dynamics, career path and choices as well as money worries are universal concerns. Unfortunately, many South Africans are under significant financial pressures and this can lead to increased feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and even despair.

In South Africa, access to support for anxiety, depression and other mental health issues is often limited or lacking entirely. Awareness of mental health needs to increase across the country and particularly within families so that those in need of support don’t suffer alone.

What has inspired you most since your return?

In South Africa, I have done more readings and crossing-over sessions about suicides, violent and suspicious deaths and missing persons than I did in the UK. This also means that I can make more of a difference here. When the spiritual world provides answers and messages that I channel for my clients, I feel humbled. These readings can provide closure and a greater sense of peace for individuals who may have been struggling for a long time.

Unfortunately, there is also a history in South Africa of abuse particularly against women. I feel inspired by those who have overcome injustice and abuse and are working on healing from the past. Each person who I help on the path toward healing reminds me of the purpose behind my work and why I choose to work with people every day.

What is the most common misconception about your work?

Some fear about psychics, mediums and the supernatural still exist. The myth that energy workers, including psychics and sangomas, are against God or formal religion is something I encounter sometimes. Genuine energy workers and healers are usually deeply spiritual beings who have a strong faith in God and the hereafter which are the basis of formal religions, such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Some individuals are under the false impression that psychics can determine and manipulate the outcome of a situation, such as whether a lost lover will return or not. The outcome of a situation is determined by many factors, particularly the actions, energies and free will decisions of those involved as well as God’s will.

What advice would you give readers?

Negativity drags us down as individuals and as a nation; I feel South Africans need to focus more on looking for the potential for positive change within their own lives and acknowledging the positive aspects of the country. Solutions and opportunities do exist in South Africa and in general for those whose hearts and minds are open enough to see them.

People who seem to get the most out of life and find happiness are those who manage to tap into both the logical and practical thinking as well as faith and their own spiritual guidance. Spiritual guidance can help identify blocks or find clarity to make challenging decisions or changes and to help move life forward in positive ways.


About: Kathryn Valdal Fourie

Featured on national radio and television in South Africa and reviewed positively by many people around the world and in South Africa, Kathryn Valdal Fourie is a highly accurate international clairvoyant medium, intuitive life coach and writer who specialises in crossing over sessions and providing guidance that helps you move forward in positive ways.

Based in Cyrildene on the East of Johannesburg, Kathryn does readings in person as well as over the phone/Skype/WhatsApp call and video call and email. Originally from the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg, Kathryn left South Africa to live in France in 2001. She later moved to the UK where she lived and worked for a decade. Kathryn returned to reside permanently in Johannesburg in December 2017.

To read reviews as well as past media interviews, please visit and

To get in touch with Kathryn here.

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