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How to Develop Your Intuition

Everyone can tap into their intuition, but most people aren’t sure how to begin. The best way to start is by developing awareness of the different types of intuition — the four clairs. These are claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Here is a brief explanation of each of the clairs, which we focus on developing in different ways in my monthly workshops:


What is claircognizance?

Claircognizance is our inner knowing. We’ve all experienced simply knowing something even though we may not know how we know it. For example, some of our best ideas or accurate thoughts have come from claircognizance.

Can you provide some examples of claircognizance?

When I was a young child, I told my mother that my grandfather was going to die very soon. She was very upset with me for saying such a thing and told me that he was going to live much longer because he was quite healthy. That was the last week that I ever saw my grandfather alive because he did die very soon after our visit.

Often parents instinctively know when their child is in danger or when their child is unhappy. The child and parent may be geographically thousands of miles apart. My mother will always know when things aren’t right and will feel the urge to contact me at that point. For example, she was worried about me when I was driving from Chester to Sheffield last year. She sent me a text to say, “I am praying for your safe travels on the road today. May God and his angels keep you safe.” Later, when I looked at my texts, the message was sent at the exact time when I avoided a nearly fatal accident and a major car pile up involving 15 cars.

I have the same connection with my daughter. Claircognizance can work to reassure us too. For example, if I haven’t heard from my daughter and start to worry, I ask myself if she is okay or not. I tap into my claircognizance. I may feel that she forgot her phone or the battery died and I’ll hear from her soon. It’s a relief to feel that she is okay.

One day, one of my clients woke up with a strong feeling that he must get his car checked out immediately (even though his car wasn’t due for a service and appeared to be driving perfectly). He went to the garage where they told him that his breaks were about to fail. His claircognizance was accurate and potentially saved him and others from being involved in an accident.

How can you develop claircognizance?

Many people don’t trust their claircognizance because they can’t identify the source of the information or they can’t immediately verify whether their hunch is correct or not. Start to trust your own inner knowing by writing down your claircognizant thoughts and feelings, hunches and gut feelings in a diary. Then take note of how events come to pass and make a note of any events or incidents with people tie in to your initial inner knowing. You’ll soon find that what your inner knowing is highly accurate and that you are tapping into a force that is far greater than yourself.


What is clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is our ability to see images or events in the past, present and future. Clairvoyance includes premonitions, visions or dreams.

Can you provide some examples of clairvoyance?

A medium may see that your grandmother had curly brown hair. She may see the walking stick in her hand or see specific numbers, initials or items in the minds eye. The medium may see the hair of your grandmother or that she liked floral shirts but she may not see the colour of her eyes, for instance. Clairvoyance can paint a more or less complete picture — a bit like a fuzzy television picture.

All my life I have had premonitions of people and events. For example, when I was a young teenager, I looked into the mirror at the hairdressers and saw two cars crashing and the crash involving my father. I told my mother that my father was going to be in an accident and that he wouldn’t come home that night. I knew (claircognizance) that he would not come home and I saw (clairvoyance) the crash. This premonition was a warning, which could potentially have been used to prevent the accident.

As a child, I experienced claircognizance first but like most people, it took me a while to trust it. I experienced clairvoyance from an early age in terms of flashes/premonitions. I would see an event or parts of it, in my minds eye. It would sometimes feel like I was watching television in my head.

How can you start to develop clairvoyance?

Keep a diary, but also try to clear, balance and open the third-eye chakra through meditation. You can do this by attending a meditation session focused on opening the third eye but you can also do your own meditations using resources on the Internet, on YouTube or in books. Wearing certain gemstones, such as amethyst, lapis lazuli, or blue tourmaline, can help you develop your intuition and clairvoyance.


What is clairaudience?

Clairaudience is the ability to hear sounds and words from spirit in either one’s mind or as an external sound. This may include hearing the sounds of a place, words, instructions, sentences and the names of places and people.

Can you provide some examples of clairaudience?

A clairvoyant medium would hear individual words (e.g. the names of people or places) but also sentences. Sometimes these could be the words of a song, names of people or places, a specific turn of phrase that a departed loved one used or the words that your husband said this morning. Often what they hear is the message someone has to pass on to you.

At times in my life, when I have been in serious danger or under threat, the voice of my guide has sounded so loud that it has sounded as though a man was standing next to me, saying the words in a very masculine and firm voice.

For example, I went out one night to an event and I was walking back to my car. I was about a block away from my car when I decided to text my little girl’s babysitter to say I would be home soon. I suddenly heard a loud voice say, “Stop. You should not do that now. You should do that in the car. Look up now!”

The voice was so loud that I immediately paid attention and threw my phone into my handbag and looked up. As I looked up, I saw a man dash from one side of the road to hide behind a nearby truck. I saw the man who looked as though he was going to attack or mug me. I was far enough away to avoid a very unfortunate event that would have meant that I would probably not have made it home that night to my little girl.

Departed loved ones and guides can also communicate and speak to you. If a loved one appears to you in a dream, listen to what they have to say. Even if they say only a few words, you’ll find that the words will have great relevance to your life.

How can you start to develop clairaudience?

Clairaudience may develop with the other clairs but it may develop independently at a later or earlier time. Start developing your clairaudience skills by improving your listening skills. Sit in a quiet space out in nature and listen to the sounds of nature. You may start to hear other messages and receive other information too. You can also develop clairaudience by listening to a constant noise, such as the sound of a shell or the ocean. Spend time at the ocean in a seaside apartment or take some time to meditate on a quiet beach.


What is clairsentience?

Clairsentience is feeling the physical and emotional sensations of others or their impact on us. Clairsentience involves picking up the vibes in a room or from a person. People who are strongly clairsentient will feel other people’s physical or emotional pain and feelings as if they were their own. Clairsentience can also involve smelling odours of a place or of a person.

Can you provide some examples of clairsentience?

Most mediums refer to themselves as clairvoyant mediums because this is the most well known and easily understood term. But in reality, some mediums are clairsentient mediums, medical intuitive and empaths. A medical intuitive uses clairsentience. She may feel pain in the teeth or be drawn to the mouth area if you have some dentistry issues. She may be drawn to specific areas of the body or specific aches and pains or past injuries that you may have.

If your dad died of a heart attack, a clairsentient medium may feel stabbing pains in her heart. If your departed loved one had issues with breathing due to lung cancer, asthma or another health condition, the medium may start to feel that it’s harder to breath while connecting to you or the particular person.

Earth angels or highly sensitive people, intuitives, and clairsentient mediums are physically affected by the energy of a place or a person. For example, if you feel drained or physically unwell in the presence of someone else, it’s often your ability of clairsentience trying to warn you about that person.

If you feel sharp stabbing pains in your stomach or chest in the presence of an individual and there is no medical cause for these pains, you’ll find that the person is probably sending negative or even hostile thoughts or energy toward you. It could even be a form of psychic attack or some form of manipulation.

How can you start to develop clairsentience?

Visit haunted places and houses. Take note of the physical and emotional sensations you experience. Then read or learn about what happened in that place. For example, if a man hung himself, you may have felt the physical sensation of something choking you or something being around your neck. If many happy children lived there, you may feel the joy and laughter of childhood.

In general, trust what you feel, trust what you see and hear, and trust your gut feelings. Don’t discount your feelings and the physical sensations you feel. The more you trust what you pick up, the stronger your intuition will become — whether this be through claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience. To receive more articles about developing your intuition and spirituality, please subscribe to my website for free.

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