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Power of the Blue Moon on Psychic Night

In Chester, at about 11pm last night, it felt amazing to see the full blue moon behind drifting clouds as I walked back to my car after doing six readings at a psychic night nearby.

What a fabulous night to schedule a psychic night with friends. I felt blessed to be reading for six lovely ladies on the night of the blue moon. Working with spirit on a full moon can be life changing and the effects of a full moon can enhance the powerful effects of clairvoyance and mediumship. These effects tend to last for several days after the full moon.

Last night's full moon was special because it was a blue moon, which simply refers to the unusual occurrence of two full moons in one month. The last blue moon was in August 2012 and the next one will be in early 2018.

The intentions set into motion last night will be life changing. I also experienced my own powerful moment last night while looking up at the moon: I know I'm doing the work I've been put on the earth to do and I feel excited about my future journey with spirit.

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