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Past Lives: Key to Enlightenment and Future Happiness

Stepping back in time

Although it’s important to focus on the present moment and look toward the future, it is sometime necessary to understand and heal the past in this lifetime and in earlier lifetimes in order to move forward. This can help us to review our current incarnation, including our choices, relationships and beliefs, and make the most of this lifetime. Here is a little information on how past lives can help you and how you can tap into them:

How Information About Past Lives Can Help

Most of the time, we have so much going on in this life that we aren’t as concerned about what happened in our past lives. But information about our past lives can give us greater awareness about our talents, fears, beliefs, character, relationships and life’s purpose.

Understanding fears and phobias

A child who has a terrible fear of losing her parents in this life may find that she was an orphan in a past life. A man who may have always had a fear of water or boats may discover, recall or be told by a psychic medium that he drowned in a past life. This knowledge in itself can help the individual overcome this fear.

If a fear is rooted in a past life experience, you’ll find that there is no experience in childhood or this lifetime that could have caused this fear.

In the case of severe fears and phobias, it is important that individuals work with a qualified psychotherapist to help them move forward in positive ways.

Appreciating your talents and interests

An individual who has extraordinary natural gifts and talents may find that they have done a particular job before in a past life. For example, children who have natural abilities in teaching, music or art that are far more advanced than would be expected for their age, may find that they were a teacher, musician or artist in a past life.

For example, an individual who had been a maths and geography teacher in Burma in a past life seemed a natural teacher from the preschool years in this life. When the preschool teacher stepped out of the room for a few minutes, she returned to find the child in this life taking the teacher’s place and telling the children a story. Later in primary school and senior school, teachers advised the child’s parents that the boy should become a teacher because he seemed to know how to teach.

You may feel drawn to a particular country or culture or even hold the same values and belief systems as a particular religion or culture without being brought up in that belief system. In most cases, you’ll find that you experienced a lifetime in that country, culture or value system.

Understanding relationships

It can be helpful to understand why we end up in relationships with particular people or individuals in this lifetime. You may feel as though you have known someone you have just met for a lifetime, and perhaps you have! You may feel so comfortable or relaxed with them and know their character inside out before you have had a chance to get to know them in this lifetime.

For example, a woman’s mother was jealous of her boyfriends and partners. In a past life, the mother and her daughter had been husband and wife. The husband had been very controlling. In this life time, the mother’s soul needed to learn to let go while the daughter’s soul had the opportunity to live her life more freely than in the past one. While the relationship was not happy in the past life, in this life, the two souls had the opportunity to find peace after a series of challenges.

Learning about your life’s purpose

In the following example, a male priest was falsely imprisoned in a past life. He spent a lot of time getting to know and befriending criminals and prisoners. In a subsequent life as a woman, this soul kept on coming into contact with males who were either doing crime or thinking of committing crime. These souls are returning to her through time and space as she had a positive influence on them in the past. In this case, one of her soul’s purposes is to be an example to follow and to advise these souls to change their past patterns of behavior.

If a woman was not given the opportunity to speak out in a past life, was suppressed or even killed for speaking the truth, her soul may find it challenging in this lifetime to stand up or speak up for herself (for fear of something terrible happening to her). In this lifetime, she may be presented with situations that put her in that position where she is challenged to overcome this fear. This could be her hardest challenge in this lifetime, but also her biggest triumph too.

How to Tap into Past Life Memories

Some people spontaneously tap into past life memories through dreams, visions or simply remembering snapshots of a past life. This is our intuition and spirit trying to give us insight into a current life’s situation or relationship. Meditation, past life regression and past life readings are other ways to access the past to help us on our spiritual journeys.

Dreams and visions

When receiving past life information through a vision or a dream, the dream will feel very different to an everyday dream. For example, when my daughter was about seven years old, she had recurring dreams about her and her best friend in another time and place.

After waking up from such a dream one morning, she told me that her best friend was her sister before and described such specific details of her sister’s death and their life in another time and place that there was no doubt in my mind that she was recalling a past life. When I investigated the details she recounted about clothing, climate, location, weapons and even the fruits available to eat and buy, I found that they matched up to historical facts that she could not have known about.

Interestingly, her sister in that life was shot in the head with an arrow and died next to her. In this lifetime, her friend had a neurological problem that caused her to collapse at any given time — which sometimes occurred in class standing or sitting next to my daughter. Her parents in this lifetime were particularly concerned because doctors could not find anything wrong with her that could explain why every so often she would simply fall to the floor.


On other occasions, a person has a sense that a problem, group of people or relationship issue in this life relates to a past life issue. They may even have some inner knowledge (claircognizance) of the past life which draws them to seek out more information through a past life regression session with a hypnotherapist or a past life reading with a clairvoyant medium.

A reading with a clairvoyant medium

Sometimes a standard reading with a psychic medium will point to a connection between this lifetime and a past one. Spirit gives people information that will help them move forward. Sometimes this information is about past trauma in this lifetime but other times it’s about events in previous incarnations.

When people remember aspects of a past life, they may not always trust what they are seeing or hearing. A reading with a clairvoyant medium can confirm what you know already and this can be empowering for you. If you died in a fire or you were the only survivor of a fire and you know this, it can give you confidence in your own claircognizance when a psychic medium tells you that she sees you trying to escape a burning building in a past life.

In a past life reading, a reader may also be able to give you an indication of the connections between some lifetimes, relationships and the progression of your soul.

Meditation and workshops

You can also tap into past life memories through guided meditation on your own or in a group. Hypnotherapists and psychic mediums may hold workshops to help their clients discover more about themselves in this way. This can be a great way to start to tap into your past lives, go deeper into the lives you are already aware of, and to progress on your spiritual path.

I’ll be holding a two-hour workshop on past lives from 10am to 12noon in Chester, Cheshire, on Saturday 18 March 2017. The workshop will include powerful, guided meditations, clairvoyance, some work with oracle cards, and discussion with like-minded people. To book, please get in touch with me or click here.

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