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Choosing the Right Reading For Your

I offer several different options for clairvoyant readings with mediumship. Here is a guide to choosing the right option for you:

Should I choose a face-to-face, phone/Skype/WhatsApp call or video call reading OR an email reading?

The quality of the information and connection I establish with you will be as strong in person or over the phone / WhatsApp/ Skype or via email. Whether you choose to see me in person, over the phone/Skype/WhatsApp or consult me via email is a matter of personal preference or convenience. I can often offer more flexibility or an earlier appointment for phone/Skype/WhatsApp appointments than face-to-face readings.

The advantage of a face-to-face reading is that it is more personal and can be most suitable for emotional crossing over sessions or longer sessions in which you want to cover a lot of questions or issues.

The advantage of a phone/WhatsApp/Skype reading is that I can usually give you an appointment sooner and you can talk to me from anywhere. No matter where you are in the world, you can get the answers you seek in a convenient call at a cost-effective price. A phone/WhatsApp/Skype reading is an interactive session in which I tell you what I pick up and you can also ask questions.

The advantages of an e-mail reading is that I can work on finding the answers from my spirit guide while you are doing something else. Email readings can be suitable if you are unable to talk to me via phone/WhatsApp or in person. They are also suitable if you have come to see me before and simply want to ask a few additional/ new questions about a particular issue as the months/weeks pass by. I also do email reading for clients I have not met or spoken to over the phone before. If you want answers to only one or a few questions at an affordable price or you feel uncomfortable about discussing personal issues, an email reading is for you. An email reading has the added advantage of ensuring you have a written record of everything that has been said.

Should I book one individual reading or book with a friend?

I find that most people are more at ease when they come on their own and this is the best option if you are coming to see me or want to talk to me about a very personal or emotional issue. It’s also the most appropriate option if you would like to cover as many issues as possible and think that you will need a little more time. If you are a private person, an individual reading is the best choice.

That said, some people prefer to come with a friend, even though I usually do the readings for two as separate readings. If you do book two readings together, it’s important that you feel at ease with the other person who would be sitting alongside you or waiting outside.

Should we choose two separate individual readings or opt to share readings?

If you are very close to a friend or relative, or would like the support of a friend or relative to sit with you and you would like to listen to each other’s readings, this can be an effective choice.

This option works well in crossing over sessions or if you like to share absolutely everything with your best friend, sibling or close family member. For example, if you have lost your mum and you and your dad would both like to be together for the reading for emotional support but also to share the experience, sitting round the table together is the perfect option.

Personal information tends to come up in a reading. Information you may not expect will and often does emerge. If you aren’t comfortable with someone else hearing very personal details, your inner feelings or events of your past/present, avoid sitting around the table to listen to each other’s readings. Opt for two individual private readings or choose to come and see me on your own instead.

Should we come to you or should you come to us?

I can only accommodate up to two people at my venue. For this reason, I do not host groups at my venue. I also find that for groups of five or more people, it works better if the event is held in someone’s home as a psychic party or afternoon. This means that while your friends are having their readings, you can mingle and chat in the comfort of your own home.

Note that I do not travel to you do do readings unless it is a group event of at least 5 people. If you are interested in a psychic night or event please get in touch with me.

How many people should we book for?

Never force or try to convince someone to have a reading if they don’t want to do so. It’s important that everyone booking a reading actually wants to have a reading and is open to doing so. This enables the energy to flow between me and the individual I am reading for. This ensures that the reading is a positive experience for the individuals I do readings for. Rather book for a smaller group than twist someone's arm to come along to increase the numbers.

I offer group bookings for between five and ten people at your venue. You can book for five people and add additional people closer to the time. I do home visits for groups of at least five people.

Should I book a reading for someone else as a gift?

This is a great idea and can be a wonderful gift if you know that your friend or relative would love to have a reading. Always discuss the gift idea with them and ensure you have their consent to either come on their own or with you/another relative/friend. I do my best to be flexible with times and can offer you the option to pre-pay for the gift via EFT.

If you have any additional questions or would like to book a reading, please get in touch with me via text me on +27 (0)606199836 or via my contacts page.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Wishing you love and light xx

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